TheGibsonsMotivational Speaking by Dr. Dennis Gibson and Ruth F. Gibson

As a team or individually, invite these energetic Christian speakers for your next seminar, retreat, family camp, or event. Dr. Dennis Gibson and his wife, Ruth, share vivid stories from their personal and professional experiences that illustrate biblical principles of good human relations. Their unique insights prompt people to laugh, cry, learn, and remember!

Dr. Dennis Gibson is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 40 years experience in individual, marriage and family counseling. He earned his B.S. from Northwestern University in chemical engineering. After working 6 years with Dow Chemical Company, he made a career change as a result of leading a Young Life club with Ruth. Dennis earned his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Minnesota. He has authored the books Vitality Therapy (counseling tips for non-professional Christian counselors), and The Strong-Willed Adult (on self-discipline).

Ruth Flesvig Gibson, a graduate of Wheaton College, is a widely sought-after speaker to women’s groups. She is the Mentor Mom for a local MOPS (Mothers of Pre- Schoolers) group. Ruth has authored Chipped Dishes, Zippers and Prayer (a devotional book), A Memory Sampler, A Marriage Sampler, and Say Yes (a parenting sampler). With her brother and sister, she has written The Christmas Tree Ship.

Together the Gibson’s have taped 93 episodes of their TV show, “Positive Living.” They are Staley Distinguished Lecturers. They co-authored The Sandwich Years (how to be parents to your own aging parents and to your young adult children, while keeping your marriage together). An adventurous couple, Dennis and Ruth are certified SCUBA divers and graduates of an Outward Bound couples’ course. They have presented seminars together internationally for more than 20 years.

Dennis and Ruth have been married for over 50 years. They have three adult sons and eight grandchildren. They have lived in Wheaton, Illinois, for 40 years.

Motivational Speaking Topics

Merging Traffic (1 hour to 1 weekend)
Do you collide with your partner at least once a month? Often over teeny-tiny issues? These nuts-and-bolts communication ideas can help you smooth out that Honeymoon Highway.
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Parents are Teachers (1 hour to 1 weekend)
Ways to enjoy your children while guiding them. (pre-school through adult).
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Surviving The Sandwich Years Without Being Eaten Alive (1 hour to 1 day)
Practical, inspirational insights on caring for your elderly parents while weaning out of your parental role with your children.
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What to Say When (1 hour to 1 weekend)
Dozens of techniques you can use if you find people asking you for personal help, and you have only a brief opportunity. Based on Dennis’ book, Vitality Therapy.
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Two Magic Methods for Meeting the Emotional Needs of Your Spouse (1 to 2 hours)
How can husbands really score big points with their wives? How can wives make their husbands feel welcome and wanted? Come with paper and pencil for ideas you can use later the same day!

Four Good Reasons to Laugh More in Your Family or Business (1 to 2 hours)
What makes something funny? What are the four healthy effects of a humorous moment? Hear the Gibsons’ novel psychological insights in some delightful stories.


“Dennis and Ruth you are joy. I learned so much on our couples weekend just watching the two of you interact. Your presentation style is fascinating. The material is so rooted in Biblical principles. Both of you were so available to everyone on the retreat. People felt they had an opportunity to get to know you. I’ve been getting nothing but rave reviews for the entire weekend. God used you in powerful ways. Thanks.”
Rev. Mike Murphy — Pastor of Family Ministries — Christ Church of Oak Brook, Illinois

“I have known Dennis and Ruth Gibson for several years now and have been gratified and impressed to see their ministry to families grow. They conducted our Marriage and Family Seminar at Taylor and were most enthusiastically received by our students. I recommend them as a most effective team dealing with contemporary issues from a solid biblical and counseling base.”
Dr. Jay Kesler, President, Emeritus, and Chancellor Taylor University, Upland, IN

“Dennis and Ruth Gibson blend principles, applied psychology and old- fashioned “horse sense” into seminars which are exciting, enthusiastic and enriching.”
Hal Merwald, National Director Young Life of Canada, Vancouver, BC

“Refreshing and practical…”
Rev. Howard Westlund Pastor emeritus, West Chicago Bible Church

…wide range of experience and understanding… They have a unique and wonderful family and have lived what they teach. …informed, enthusiastic and capable communicators…timely message.”
Dr. Glen W. Adams, Vice President Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA

“Each time you were here, we were besieged with requests for more… we have had a number of families and couples join our church directly as a result of your seminars. You two are an example of what you say. You exhibit a unique willingness to share… and commitment to Christ.”
Rev. David Ballantyne, Aurora, IL Westminster Presbyterian Church

National Organizations Served

3M Company
AT&T/Lucent Technologies
Aurora Christian Catholic High School
Bell Labs
Billy Graham Writers’ Conf, St. Paul, MN
Central Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, MD
Christ Church of Oakbrook, IL
Christian Writers’ Conference, Wheaton, IL
Congregational Church of Batavia, IL
Evangelical Covenant Women’s Triennial
Exchange Club
Fellowship Reformed Church
Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel
Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Wheaton, IL
First Assembly of God Retreat, Montana
Inland Press Assn Annual Meetting
Institute for Prison Ministries
International Aid, Spring Lake, MI
Irving (Texas) Bible Church Family Retreat
John Guest Crusade Counselor Training
Mercy Center Hospital Staff
Moody Church, Chicago, IL Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL
Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS)
Naperville Home & School Assn
National Honor Society
Oakbrook Women Entrepreneurs
Professional Secretaries Group International
Salem Evangelical Mennonite Church
Scripture Press
St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church
The Evangelical Alliance Mission
Taylor University, Upland, IN (Staley Lecture)
Tyndale House Publishers
WCFC TV-38, Chicago, IL
Wheaton Bible Church, Wheaton, IL
Wheaton College Chapel, Wheaton, IL
Wheaton Evangelical Free Church
Windsor Park Manor Retirement Community
WMBI Radio, Chicago, IL
World Relief
Young Life Adult Guest Camp
Young Life Banquets

International Organizations Served

Alliance Academy, Quito, Ecuador
Alliance Seminary, Guayaquil, Ecuador
El Batan Alliance Church, Quito, Ecuador
Evangelical Free Church, Edmonton, Alberta
Repulse Bay Baptist Church, Hong Kong
Youth With A Mission, Manila, Phillippines

Merging Traffic
1 Hour to 1 Weekend
Nuts-And-Bolts Ideas For Marital Communication

Alternately talking to each other and to the audience, Ruth and Dennis together tell stories from their own years of working at their marriage. These anecdotes illustrate principles of marital communication. Add biblical quotations that convey these principles and you’ve got a 1-2-3 punch that reaches listeners with their minds, emotions and spirits. They typically tell six or seven stories in an hour.

Here’s one example:

Story: The Sorry Chair in Little Norway, Wisconsin.
Principle: Clear up tensions before you go to bed. At least make an appointment to clear them up, with a third party’s help if necessary. Say “I love you,” not as a report of your feelings but an affirmation of your dedication.
Scripture: Eph 4:26-27 Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry.

Parents Are Teachers
1 Hour to 1 Weekend
Ways To Enjoy Your Children While Guiding Them

  • Emphasis tailored to the audience’s interest in age levels of children from pre-school through adult
  • Alternately talking to each other and to the audience, Ruth and Dennis together tell stories from their own experiences in raising three sons who are now healthy adults.
  • These anecdotes illustrate principles of child-raising. They add biblical quotations that convey these principles to create a triple impact that reaches listeners with their minds, emotions and spirits. The Gibsons typically tell six or seven stories in an hour.

Here’s one example:

Story: Dad’s apology for being late to breakfast with teen-age David
Principle: Just as a broken bone heals stronger than before the break, so a relationship honored by a parent’s sincere apology for a wrong done to a child makes the relationship even stronger than it would have been without the wrong.
Scripture: Mt. 8:9 I myself am a man under authority.

The Sandwich Years
1 Hour to 1 Day
Practical Inspirational Insights On Caring For Your Elderly Parents While Weaning Out of Your Parental Role With Your Children

  • Alternately talking to each other and to the audience, Ruth and Dennis together tell stories from their own experiences with aging and dying parents, AND with parenting their teen and young adult sons, AND with enhancing their own marriage in the process.
  • These anecdotes illustrate the principles involved in each relationship. Then biblical quotations tie these principles into a three-fold package that reaches listeners with their minds, emotions and spirits. The Gibsons typically tell six or seven stories in an hour.

Here’s one example:

Story: Dennis thanks his 70 year-old dad for a sweet memory from when Dennis was four.

Principle: Tell people their eulogies while they can hear them.

Scripture: Eph 6:2 Honor your father and mother. Acts 20:35 It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Vitality Therapy Seminar
1 Hour to 1 Weekend
Dozens Of Techniques You Can Use If You Find People Asking You For Personal Help And You Have Only A Brief Opportunity

  • Based on Dennis’ book Vitality Therapy
  • This workshop is aimed at Christians who do not make their living at counseling, but who often find people seeking them out for help. Dennis and Ruth teach ideas on how to make the best use of brief conversations, whether in person or on the phone. They describe and demonstrate novel therapeutic techniques that promote rapid changes in the perspective that counselees take on their problems, so that they are “transformed by the renewing of their minds,” ala Romans 12:2.
  • Attendees will be more effective in their counseling with a unique, new set of tools for encouraging those with whom they come in contact. “You won’t get this anywhere else!”

Workshops allow abundant questions from participants, but do not require interaction from them.

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