Christian Counseling toward Vital Living

  • Partners can’t communicate?
  • Previous counseling didn’t work?
  • Experiencing stress in your personal life?

Dr. Dennis Gibson has helped people get past fighting and into more skillful communication. 
With years of experience, he has sharpened his Christian counseling into an understanding of how people are struggling, and especially the good side engaged in that spiritual warfare. He wrote the book “Vitality Therapy.” Dr. Gibson is a licensed clinical psychologist and author of four books. Dr. Gibson and his wife, Ruth, together wrote The Sandwich Years (on parenting our parents and our kids at the same time in mid-life).

Dr. Gibson has been there and has figured out how to help you get through it. Together, he can help you with the following issues and more:

  • Succeeding at couple communication
  • Avoiding divorce
  • Surviving serious illnesses
  • Experiencing grief and loss
  • Feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Christian prayer-based healing of memories
  • Caring for aging parents

Counseling and Coaching Services are Available in Person or by Phone
To schedule an appointment
Call (630) 668-3331 or e-mail
Fees payable at the time of the visit. Click here for a map to my office.

What Others Say:
“Few counselors offer hope to marriages on the brink of divorce. Dr. Gibson has had success even when only one partner was willing to come for counseling. ”
R.G., Illinois

“From the beginning, I enjoyed the sessions. You were open, caring and honest in our interactions. By the end of each session I left feeling as if a weight had been lifted. 
You had the knack of finding the aspect of me that was praiseworthy; the principle or key phrase that I could work with and nurture. Counseling with you is enabling me to live a fuller, deeper and more productive life.”
L.O., Illinois